Coach D- Fitness - Strength & Conditioning 

Darrelle Raven-Charlo has an impressive background ranging from football to track. He spent his previous years dedicated to sports and fitness by reaching milestones including becoming a six time national champion track star and also while playing arena football he was named to all state three times.
Darrelle uses motivational tactics to help his clients reach their goals by encouraging them throughout their journey to greatness. "The first thing I ask my clients is 'Do you want to do this?'"
If they're up for the challenge, Raven sets up agreements that persist of 2-3 week challenges and non stop training so that every client reaches their goals without a doubt. He believes in having lots of fun while training, so don't expect to be bored while reaching your goals!



Coach G - Boxing

Genaro Alarcon believes in a boxer with lots of discipline and he is sure to include this in his teaching methods. While teaching, he has a strict style with a fun underly. He wants his boxers to understand the sport and he wants them to be able to apply it inside and outside the ring so while teaching, he is sure to demonstrate tactics thoroughly. 
Growing up in Mexico, Alarcon has a boxing background of 22 years. He's had 100+ amateur fights and 7 professional fights. As a self starter, he taught himself techniques that others couldn't teach him. While teaching his boxers moral techniques as well, he trains children to become respectful and well rounded humans. 
"I don't let the kids spar or compete until they bring me good grades!" Alarcon believes in a strong mindset with ability to set goals and reach them no matter what age you are.