Jermell Charlo was born on May 19th, 1990 to Terrie and Kevin Charlo one minute apart from twin brother Jermall Charlo in Lafayette, Louisiana. Jermall and Jermell were raised in a very different environment than most children being the sons of a professional boxer. The twins were taught early in life by their father that purpose is nothing without patience and persistence. Jermall and Jermell were able to use that mentality and advice to their advantage at a very young age as they started their careers in the amateur boxing circuit.

Jermell would forego his senior season and after 60+ amateur bouts turn professional in the world of boxing winning a unanimous decision on 12/8/2007 and has continued his winning weighs compiling a record of 28-0 through the end of 2016 by winning the WBC belt against John Jackson. Jermell explains training alongside Jermall is constant motivation as Jermall is both his biggest competition and his biggest supporter. Jermell reveals that “Growing up he was like my competition. It was like I always had someone pushing me to the top. When we look at each other it’s like looking in the mirror, but the mirror talks back.” Jermell explains how they push each other in the gym. “It’s like a contest. I always want to do one more rep than Jermall, and he always wants to do one more rep than me, so the reps never end.”